Protecting The Family and Rights of Family Members

Manitoba Métis Family & Child Services Presentation by Judy Mayer

The Métis Child and Family Services is committed, accountable and responsible for the Child and Family Services system to the Métis people of Manitoba.  The Metis Authority contributes to strong and healthy Metis Nation through the strength of Elders, family, children, culture, values and heritage.

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MNO Health Services Speaking Notes by France Picotte

We also must pay particular attention to the rights and special needs of children, youth, elders, women and men. It is clear that empowerment and exercising jurisdiction is critical in protecting the rights of the Métis family.  A well-done constitution will increase our ability to care for our families.  Families come in different sizes, shapes and forms. A constitution based on principled ideas, equal rights and respect for jurisdiction will enhance our ability to protect the family and rights of family members.


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