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The Métis Nation Constitution Workshop in Ottawa on December 11 & 12, 2011 was attended by the Métis National Council’s Governing Members’ respective Board of Directors or Provincial Councils. Presentations covered a range of issues under consideration as the Métis Nation continues to develop the framework for a Métis Nation Constitution.

In a keynote address, President Chartier outlined why a constitution was needed and a process for achieving it. The Territorial Integrity of the Métis Nation focused on the Manitoba Metis Federation’s land claim lawsuit, which was heard in the Supreme Court of Canada on December 13, the boundaries of the Métis Nation, and a strategy for restoring a land base including the commitment to this objective as a foundation of the constitution.

A series of panels examined the priorities of Métis Nation governments – in the areas of language and culture preservation and promotion, child and family health services and supports, education and training, and economic development – and how these could be included in a constitution. Throughout the workshop there was open discussion between the panelists and delegates.

In a Constitution for the 21st Century, delegates examined a series of graphics illustrating the current structure of the MNC and Governing Members and how this may be impacted by the adoption of a constitution. Delegates also reviewed a series of worksheets identifying the key questions to be addressed as we move towards the 2013 Constitution Convention and adopting a Métis Nation Constitution.